engine driven welder -2x250/5,5 A
Machine Specifications
Rated Amperage250 A400 A
Welding Operators21
Output Range30-260 A30-400 A
Rated Voltage30 V DC
Open-Circuit Voltage100 V
Rated Duty Cycle60%
Rated Output Period5 min
Engine Specifications
Typediesel, 4 cylinder, air-cooled
Speed1800 rpm
Power50.0 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity14.8 US gal (56 l)

Typediesel, 4 cylinder, water-cooled
Speed1800 rpm
Power63.0 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity14.8 US gal (56 l)
Generator Specifications
Efficiency, at least74%
AC Generator Specifications
Speed3000 rpm
Load current18.2 A
Three Phase Output

5.5 kVA / 380 V / 50 Hz

4.0 kVA / 230 V / 50 Hz

Dimensions and Weight
Length92.5 in (2350 mm)
Width51.2 in (1300 mm)
Height51.2 in (1300 mm)
Net Weight1984 lb (900 kg)

Specifications are the subject to change without notice. For further information please contact the sales department.

Dual-operator diesel engine driven welder with auxiliary AC generator -2×250/5,5 A

Diesel engine driven welder -2250/5,5 A
Diesel engine driven welder -2×250/5,5 A

Breakdown lorry -1 based on -63221 with built-in engine driven welder -2x250/5,5
Repair lorry -1

Diesel engine driven welder -2250/5,5 A
Diesel engine driven welder -2×250/5,5 A

  • Designed for building in repair lorries -1 that could be based on -63221, -66, -53 etc., that are used for repair works on gas-main and oil-trunk pipelines.
  • The asynchronous brushless generator has no brushes, rings or rotating windings on the rotor, that results to the exceptional reliability while working under the very extreme operating conditions.
  • It delivers superior DC for two independently controlled arcs.
  • One -2250/5,5 A can simultaneously power 2 welding arcs (250 A/32 V) or 1 welding arc (400 /32 V).
  • Two Great Engine Choices Select the 50 horsepower air-cooled -144 engine, or the 63 horsepower water-cooled -242 engine.
  • 14.8 gallons (56 litres) fuel tank capacity to work an extended day without refueling.
  • It provides added value at the job site by delivering up to 5.5 kVA of AC auxiliary power for lights, grinders and other common tools.
  • It allows to weld and have access to AC power simultaneously the full 5.5 kVA can be delivered while welding.
  • Rated for the conditions of the moderate climate with the ambient air temperature –49°F (–45°) to 113°F (+45°) and the relative humidity of air up to 98% at a temperature of 59°F (15°).
  • One year MERIDIAN warranty (engine is warranted separately by the manufacturer).

UkrSEPRO certificate UkrSEPROUA1.012.

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