Disel generating set UMV-10
Machine Specifications
Rated Output15.2 kW (19 kVA)
Output Power3-Phase, AC
Output Voltage230/400 V
Current Amperage26 
Current Frequency50 Hz
Running Time, at least8 h
10% Power Overload Period, at most1 h
Engine Specifications
Typediesel, 4 cylinder, air-cooled
Speed1500 rpm
Output27.2 kW (37.0 HP)
Fuel Consumption239+7g/kW·h
Fuel Tank Capacity14.8 US gal (56 l)
Alternator Specifications
Power Factor (cos φ)0,8
Efficiency, at least81.7%
Voltage Regulation±1.5%
Insulation Class
Drip ProofIP22
Dimensions and Weight
Versionstationary, open set
Length79.1 in (2010 mm)
Width37.4 in (950 mm)
Height45.3 in (1150 mm)
Net Weight1378 lb (625 kg)

Versionstationary, simple or sound attenuated enclosure
Length79.1 in (2010 mm)
Width37.4 in (950 mm)
Height45.3 in (1150 mm)
Net Weight1709 lb (775 kg)

Versionmobile, simple or sound attenuated enclosure
Trailertwo wheel trailer -755
Length134 in (3400 mm)
Width79.1 in (2010 mm)
Height86.6 in (2200 mm)
Net Weight2811 lb (1275 kg)

Specifications are the subject to change without notice. For further information please contact the sales department.

Diesel fuelled air-cooled generating set UMV-10

Generating set UMV-10, mobile version
Mobile version

Generating set UMV-10, stationary version with simple enclosure
Stationary version

  • UMV-10 by MERIDIAN® could be used as a prime, standby or emergency power source.
  • Great version choices select stationary or mobile version, open set or canopied set, simple or sound attenuated enclosure.
  • The asynchronous brushless generator has no brushes, rings or rotating windings on the rotor, that results to the exceptional reliability while working under the very extreme operating conditions.
  • Rated for the conditions of the moderate climate with the ambient air temperature –49°F (–45°) to 113°F (+45°) at altitude up to 1000 m and the relative humidity of air up to 80% at a temperature of 68°F (20°).
  • The atmospherical precipitates (rain and snow) don't affect its running.
  • One year MERIDIAN warranty (engine is warranted separately by the manufacturer).

UkrSEPRO certificate  UA1.012.

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