generating set UMV-20d
Machine Specifications
Rated Output, kVt (kVa)20,0 (25)
Output PowerThree-phase, AC
Output Voltage V230/400
Current Amperage, 40
Current Frequency, Hz50
Running Modeprime
Running Time, at least, h8
10% Power Overload Period, at most, h1
Engine Specifications
Speed, rpm3000
Gross Engine Power, kVt 25,7
Alternator Specifications
Power factor0,8
Efficiency, at least, %83,9
Voltage regulation, %±1,5
Insulation class
Drip proofIP22
Dimensions and Weight
Versionstationary, open set
Dimensions, mm1700×870×1200
Net Weight, kg,  550

Versionstationary, simple or sound attenuated enclosure
Dimensions, mm1700×870×1200
Net Weight, kg650

Versionmobile, simple or sound attenuated enclosure
Trailertwo wheel trailer -755
Dimensions, mm3500×2100×2200
Net Weight, kg1100

Diesel fuelled air-cooled generating set UMV-20d UMV-20d

Generating set UMV-20d
Generating set UMV-20d stationary, open set

Generating set UMV-20d
Generating set UMV-20d stationary

  • UMV-20D by MERIDIAN® could be used as a prime, standby or emergency power source at drilling platforms, surface mines, building sites, offshore platforms, rural areas and many other places and areas.
  • Great version choices select stationary or mobile version, open set or canopied set, standard or sound attenuated enclosure.
  • The asynchronous brushless generator has no brushes, rings or rotating windings on the rotor, that results to the exceptional reliability while working under the very extreme operating conditions.
  • Rated for the conditions of the moderate climate with the ambient air temperature –49°F (–45°) to 113°F (+45°) at altitude up to 1000 m and the relative humidity of air up to 80% at a temperature of 68°F (20°).
  • Every generating set comes factory tested. The warranty period is twelve months.

UkrSEPRO certificate  UA1.012.

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